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Sustainable living for all and for long future is the prime concerns of the modern human society that is for a sustainable future living. Science and technology have given a sophisticated life style for many but this life style has proven impacting on the living environment and usable natural resource.
Mazand Green Energy is dedicated to provide engineering solution to achieve such sustainable living for all.

Solar E.Technology Australia Come on board with Mazand Green Energy as Partner
Solar E. Technology Astralia is one of the leading companies in Australia providing sustainable energy solutions to the power generation and energy end users through renewable energy and energy efficient products, research and consulting services. Power supply interruption in countries like Bangladesh is very common and has been for many years. It is still uncertain how long before this basic social service will be available to an acceptable level, but it is certain that with increased economic activities that need power and with growing population and energy resource crisis, this can be worst if not tackled now. Use of normal IPS during the power blackout such as load shading makes it even more worse because the grid has to supply more power after the load shading is over when all normal IPSs start charging. A normal IPS draws 160%-200% (Our own research on IPS in the market 2011) more energy through your meter than it delivers during blackout periods. In chain, it creates more power blackouts in the national grid, an increasing chaos for future energy security.

With highly qualified R&D team Solar E Technology Australia has developed for Bangladesh:

  • Compact Solar DC IPS System for small home where there is no electricity supply
  • Solar IPS (AC load) for high demand houses or apartments
  • Multiplexing Solar System for multi-user Apartments, Office or Shopping Complex
  • Small Grid Feed solar PV power supply
  • Solar Power Combo-system (Grid feed and emergency supply integrated system)
  • Retrofitting traditional IPS to convert Solar IPS

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