About Us

Mazand Green Energy is an Australian based Bangladeshi International business specialized in Renewable Energy technology, Energy Efficiency and Energy Demand Management areas. The core business covers R&D and consultancy together with design, installation and commissioning of systems and components in this very critical energy field serving the societies improving their sustainable living condition. We engineer systems to your need and budget instead of retailing equipments.

Sustainability is Our Interest

Over centuries of scientific and technological evolution has brought the most of the human society to a sophisticated life style that is heavily relying on energy resource. Scientific facts has proven the impact of climate change and it’s original relation to the energy use, directly and indirectly, through greenhouse gas emission. World fossil fuel reserves, which are still the dominant primary energy source, are proven on the decline. The world population is rising on an exponential scale. Sustainability of the modern living style for some and sustainability of a basic living for others over the globe are under threat. Technical solutions to secure a long run sustainable future is known and to be known further in the future. Our interest is to endeavor a conservative social development applying new and innovative technical challenges.

Our Mission

Bring along engineering solution to a cleaner and renewable energy generation, providing energy efficient technology, and reduce and manage energy demand in all sectors of the modern built society through research, consultancy and real life applications.

Our Focus Areas

Grid connected and remote power supply system in the residential, commercial market, irrigation system  is one of our major focus areas that provide longer term sustainable living opportunities.

We have extensive practical experience in improving energy efficiency in appliances, equipment, processes in buildings and industrial application wherever energy is used directly or indirectly either for heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation, and lighting or for transport of solid or fluid.

Energy demand reduction is one of the first and basic strategies that give the least cost solution to sustainable future. Mazand Green Energy engineers know how to optimize the prime function of the energy demand by appropriate load and demand management.

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